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We are Breaking the Chains of Hip Hop & this Death Music Culture 

by healing our community through Creative Arts, Positive Music, Elevated Content, Advocacy and Edu-tainment. 


The Talent Showcase Series is the first of many things we do for the youth to change the culture of our music, which is being manifested into the reality of those we constantly repeat. 


These embroidered hats will not only raise awareness that the culture needs healing, but also help us continue to provide Music Programs, Edu-tainment and Showcases in a dope, fun, yet safe environment for the youth with an opportunity to elevate their careers.


The colors are a  commemoration to our first ever Teen College Music Program at Morehouse College.


Thank you for your support. All hat purchases are 100% tax deductible donations and all proceeds go towards the Music Programs & Showcases.

BTC of Hip Hop Hat

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