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About Breaking the Chains of Generational Curses


BCGC provides a variety of services for teenage girls 12 - 18, including mentoring, career guidance, and sex education. Non-profit thats #BreakingTheChains of #HumanTrafficking #Molestation #TeenPregnancy

Our mission is to offer at risk and abused young women the chance to be a champion of their surroundings, by being offered youth services and programs that will provide them with the attributes needed to be a self sufficient professional as an adult and non reliant upon government provided services to survive.

Company Overview

BCGC provides a variety of services for teenage girls, including mentoring, career guidance paths, internships, and sex education. We're committed to making the lives of at-risk girls better, by giving them a strong sense of their worth and helping them to understand their true value.

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